Faber VC announced the first Filecoin Faber Accelerator batch

Faber has established a collaboration with Protocol Labs, creator of benchmark Web3 projects such as Filecoin or IPFS, under which it launched the Filecoin Faber Accelerator.

Based out of Portugal — a fast-growing hub of Web3 talent — Faber leverages its experience as an early backer of AI/data-driven founders to work with Protocol Labs in helping form, fund, and accelerate teams of entrepreneurs working on hard engineering problems to build new protocols, tools, infrastructure services, or applications driving Web3 use cases.

After an extremely competitive selection process, Faber has selected a diverse cohort of 10 companies. Each selected team will also receive at least €80,000 of investment directly from Faber and Protocol Labs, and during the program, of 12 weeks, they will have multiple opportunities to pitch to and get mentorship from the leading VCs in the Web3 space.

Meet the companies here and stay tuned for new application dates.

Faber a Lisbon-based venture capital firm investing in outstanding entrepreneurs who innovate at the intersection of science and technology to drive digital transformation and climate action. The firm combines a specialist focus on deep tech early-stage startups with dedicated funds, investment teams, and expert advisors to actively help founders build global companies powered by AI/data or Climate/Ocean Tech (pre-seed/ seed).